02 November 2010

Oreo balls and Evening Chaos

I wrote the other day about making oreo balls. My first problem was trying to make them last minute so I could take them as a little "thank you" gift to someone. Well, I got the balls made but never got them dipped in chocolate. Well, maybe one got dipped but it never even cooled before I ate it. So, last night I headed home and started again on the oreo balls. After all, I found out that Jamey isn't allergic to them and could use a few.

Unfortunately last night was a disaster.

The chocolate wouldn't heat up. Then the pan would boil over, then I would change pans. Then it would heat up a little again but not enough. Then something else would go wrong. I never was able to get it just right. It was frustrating to say the least. I've done this before - multiple times. Grr.

Meanwhile the kids were being entertained with a Curious George movie while Ryan was downstairs making me a new coat hanger/rack thingy. I was in the kitchen for about two hours, didn't eat supper and got two oreo balls dipped. They weren't even pretty. I ate the first one right away. After all, I can't give away ugly goodies. Before I left the kitchen, I'd eaten the other one. Sorry honey, I truly did have just candy for supper last night!

At 8pm, I gave up. I found my children and headed upstairs. Cause I'm a good mom and would never have my kids in bed late, and certainly not two nights in a row, we headed straight to the bath. Bethany still had hair full of hair spray from slicking it back and braiding it for her Jesse costume. Scott had a head full of goop from styling it Saturday and Sunday. And Judah, well, I might as well give him a quick hair cut right?

By 9pm, the kids were read to, prayed with and tucked in. I headed downstairs to see my new coat rack for the kids. Thank you honey, you are amazing! After that I propped myself on the arm chair, opened up my computer and began my reading for the evening... did I tell you that as of Sunday, my goal is to read the bible in 90 days? Day 2 and I was already behind but ready to catch up.

By 1030 I was headed to bed myself. Unfortunately at 5am when I got up with Scott it was the third time in a restless night that I'd been up. Seriously, I really, really need some beauty rest. Within 20 minutes, I was up to start my day.

After last nights disaster, I thought I would throw together a quick apple crisp to take along with my thank you card. A quick arm workout isn't the best thing to do right before making an apple crisp. My arms were like jelly so I had fun laughing at my shaky arms as I prepared the apple crisp. Tossed it in the oven and headed to the shower. The crisp will be a nice little thank you to share.

I may have failed at the oreo balls but I'll eat them without the candy coating. In addition to that, I was able to get up early, get a work out, fold some laundry, make a dessert and drop it off while I watched the sun rise. Now if I would have only remembered my lunch. Oh well, it's almost 8am, I better get in the office.

*** P.S. the blanket in the picture was made by my dear friend, Beth. Thanks Beth, we love the blanket and the kids sometimes fight over it :)


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