03 November 2010

The Bible in 90 Days

Can I read the bible in 90 days. Yes, I can. And so can you if you want.

Our Sunday School class is doing this together. We're using the Bible in 90 Days program. It's not easy to make time to read that much. But really, it's not that much. Why is it that I can sit and watch the Biggest Loser for an hour or two with no problem. A little bit of guilt, maybe, but I still manage to do it on occassion. But, I struggle to find an hour to read the bible. It's something that I'm trying to change.

Some times I sit and think about what I have to give up in order to make time for this. But then I also think I want to make this a habit and not rush through a chapter a day to keep the devil away. Today is day 4 of our 90 days. I'm already a little behind. Last night I wasn't feeling good (darn head cold) and was in bed by 8pm. I read 6 chapters in Genesis. I'm reading it in the ESV version using E-sword on my laptop. While I read, I'm taking notes. It's been great time learning again through Genesis and thinking of new questions. For me, I want this to be a new, fresh experience so I'm staying out of my study bible where I've already made notes and I'm taking a fresh read. I love it... except for when I get behind.

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