30 November 2010

Real Quick

So I’m catching up on my 90 days of reading and not really blogging. I’d love to write but it’s good for me to read. Tonight I sat down early and began reading. Planning to read a few chapters before I really dig in later when the house is quiet. For some reason when the house became quiet, I opted to write an article about adoption for a work newsletter instead of read. As I was finishing typing the article, Ryan joined me down stairs and opened our first Christmas card.

Seriously, who’s on the ball like that?!?!? You make me sick. I mean jealous. I mean encouraged. I started our Christmas letter over a month ago but just can’t manage to keep it brief enough that you can read it while you’re on the john. Seriously, it was hard enough to write about why we chose adoption and about the process in less than 600 words! So, I look over at the card, and it’s from Shiloh, a fellow employee in this great state who’s also adopted. I found it funny seeing as how I was working on an adoption article for a newsletter when I saw the card and cute picture.

So, I finished my article and closed up the lap top. As I stood up to head to bed, Shiloh’s beautiful family picture was staring me in the face. I couldn’t go to bed now. I had to start on a new Christmas letter, or card, or something. So, here I sit writing a blog post instead of a Christmas letter and still behind on my reading. I guess that will convict me enough that I stop blogging for another week or so and get back to my Christmas letter writing, I mean 90day bible reading!

edited to add: I did start another Christmas letter and almost finished it :)

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