22 July 2010


For some time I’d been wanting to create a t-shirt that would bring an awareness to orphans. If it made a few bucks, that would be a great way to help fund a future adoption (mine or someone else’s). I had yet to come up with the perfect t-shirt idea. I hadn’t spoken to anyone who could screen print them and I certainly don’t have the design skills to create the shirt.

It was a month or more ago that we were sitting at the table with some friends. One of the girls made a comment that stuck with me. I thought it was a perfect t-shirt idea. I also have these cute bags that I wanted to make to go along with a certain idea about giving. Maybe I needed to focus a little on that.

But with JB’s comment, I haven’t been able to get the t-shirt idea out of my mind. Two weekends ago I came up with a design that I liked. Not perfect but then again I’m no graphic designer. All of a sudden it also seemed like everyone was designing and selling t-shirts. Is this a good time? Who knows? How about those bags?

I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do. I should just call the t-shirt guy I had in mind a get a quote. I should quit making excuses and start working on my bag idea… maybe I’ll go home and do that tonight…

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