07 July 2010

on the run

I have several posts ready to publish but I'm writing on the run and not able to publish them with the pictures I want to share.  So, for the time being, here's some random thoughts:
  - Gaining weight sucks and I think I've mentioned that on here recently.
  - Running out of muscle relaxers and pain killers at the same exact time sucks.
  - Wearing an SI support belt on my waist is heaven sent.
  - The muffin top being squeezed out the top of this beuty belt is disgusting.
  - Taking prednisone (anti-inflamatory for buldged disk) makes me energized.
  - A weekend with friends was wonderful.
  - Rain half the weekend smolders the fireworks plans a bit.
  - A four-day work week is awesome!
  - Missing my friend who hasn't even moved yet makes me sad.
  - Having a friend save me from my insanity was heaven sent.
  - Knowing the anger my life sometimes brings to God scares me!
  - Being able to call out to God for wisdom is heaven sent!
Okay, that's it.  It has been a hard few weeks.  Back pain has really just brought lots of negativity to my life.  Hearing from the doctor that my activity level just doesn't allow healing royally sucked.  I have no more time off since going to Ethiopia.  Having hope that a few new things will work sounds wonderful.  And honestly digging back into the Word, which I've been neglecting, has put me back on pace.  It feels so good to have sunshine in my life even though it's bleak outside.

The New Busy is not the too busy. Combine all your e-mail accounts with Hotmail. Get busy.

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Kristine said...

So much going on!! Praying for you! And prednisone makes you HUNGRY. Doesn't help with the weight gain... hope that you're feeling much, much improved! Love coming back here to check up on y'all!!