28 July 2010

Scott's buddy

Cute little KB is one of Scott’s buddies from school. I refer to him as “the legend” since all the kids seem to like and know him. All summer Scott has wanted to invite him over. Because of all that has gone on this summer (adopting a child, back issues, etc), we haven’t had KB over. Scott’s birthday came and I knew I needed to find this sweet little boy. There was no phone number in the book and none of the other PreK moms I know knew how to find him. I called the principal. I know her a little and was sure she’d help me out. When she got home from vacation, she confirmed where KB lives. That initiated the stalking of this little boy and his dad.

With rain coming down at increasing rates, I knocked on two doors to see if one of them was the right place. I got a little washed by the rainfall but no KB. Really wanting my son to have his friend over, I picked Scott up on Friday and we went back to KB’s neighborhood. We knocked on a door and a man answered the door. His uniformed shirt with the name on the pocket told me it wasn’t the right guy. He pointed us to the right residence and off we went. Knocking at KB’s house proved fruitless. Not wanting to disappoint my son, I offered to write a note if he would dictate it. Scott signed his name to the bottom and we laid it on the porch and anchored it down with a shoe. No phone call Friday night. I warned Scott that they might be gone for the weekend. No phone call. Sunday after church, we stalked by one more time. This time KB’s dad answered the door. He was great to tell Scott that they had the note but that KB had been gone all weekend. He saved the note so KB could call when he came home from a weekend with his grandma. J introduced us to his wife, D, and the adults chatted while Scott pretended to be shy.

That evening the boys and I picked up KB and took him to the church picnic. It was so good to see them interact. They’re 5 so when Scott said his daddy was a vet, KB said his daddy was a vet too. When KB didn’t want corn on his plate, neither did Scott. I told Scott to keep close tabs on KB since he doesn’t know the rules of the park. Scott is a good helper and was seen lots of times walking around holding KB by the wrist to make sure they were sticking together like glue. Because they’re several other kids from Scott’s preschool class that attend our church, KB got to see several of his little buddies.

As summer is quickly coming to a close, I’m thankful that Scott was able to have a friend over. Even if it wasn’t for the birthday party, and wasn’t at our house. I also look forward to the next time Scott and KB can get together and play.

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