22 July 2010

Cookie Break

Poor child, I’m such a fun momma.

After having much fun on the trampoline with our 99-cent waterguns (the new family activity), it was time to take a break. A cookie break. We sat down on the front steps with our friend JB to enjoy one of my edible-but-no-my-best mint chocolate chip cookies.
As I began handing out cookies, Judah started in with his Iwanna-Iwanna request. Being a loving mom, I took out a dried piece of whole-wheat bread and handed it to Judah.
The bread is typically used to keep the cookies soft and moist and this time because my cookies were over well baked, the dried bread and the cookies looked pretty similar. Judah began to chew on his “cookie”. I watched to see how many bites he would take before figuring it out. In his almost-three months of experience here, he’s had cookies. Apparently, he has yet to train his palate to finely-baked family recipe cookies. Bethany saw Judah with his “cookie” and came running up the walk for her share. I played the same little trick on her to see how she would react. She was just a few bites into it when she realized she’d been had. The look on her face was priceless. She traded in her stale bread for a cookie.
Judah on the other hand said his was yummy and requested more. Okay, since I’m a good mom like that, and since I was breaking cookies in half to have enough to go around, I gave him another of those yummy “cookies”.

And then it hit me, I should grab my camera. Of course the pictures don’t do justice to the story. Maybe a video clip would have been better. But now that you know the story, the pictures are much more enjoyable.

If you happen to stop over for a cookie break, I will make sure you get a real mint chocolate chip cookie and I’ll try not to over bake them!

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