14 July 2010

Long Night at the Brick House

In many ways last night was a long night.  But I'll share about one specific reason why.  I got a late start and was up late preparing for the kids' birthday party.  By 1130pm I stopped to do my physical therapy and was in bed by 1145pm.  At 330am I awoke to what I thought was Scott crying.  I checked on the boys who were asleep and walked out of the room to a little girl who was crying for her momma with a belly ache.  In the next 2 hours or so Bethany puked 4 times.  Once was all over herself and required a bath (thank you hubby who woke up and bathed her so I wouldn't have to bend over as much) and a change of sheets.  After that I had the trash can ready or so I thought.  The second time required a change of sheets and a shower for me thanks to my sweet girl puking all over me.  The next two times were easier as I had her hair clipped back and was on guard. 
I was awake watching and praying over my daughter with a million other things circling around my brain... don't forget the checkbook this morning... add frosting to your shopping list... About the time the sun made its daily appearance, I was falling back asleep.  With almost 5 hours of sleep, I drug my bottom out of Bethany's twin bed and headed downstairs for a refreshing shower.
Oh how I'm looking forward to today.  I might have to try coffee again today just to stay alert!  For those parents who are bringing your kiddos tonight to play with mine, don't be surprised if I brew some Ethiopian coffee in this miserably hot and sticky weather!

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