08 July 2010

Our new Dog

Did I tell you about my new dog?  Okay, let me preface it real quick.  Our faithful dalmation died earlier this spring.  It has since been a nice break from feeding, watering, etc.  Different times in the last 6 months we've thought about getting a puppy (as is our tradition with each new child in our home).  To this point we decided against it.
Then last Friday Tracy called from the clinic:
 tracy: Guess what we have here at the clinic
 me: an AUSSIE??????
 tracy: yes...
It was a stray.  The clinic doesn't keep strays. But this dog was recently groomed, still had a bow on it and was my absolute favorite kind of dog.  I told Ryan and the next morning while running errands in town, he brought the stray home.  Suh-weet.  Only we knew it would be temporary.  Seriously, someone had to be looking for their dog.  So, we told ourselves and our kids, multiple times, that this wasn't our dog and we were just keeping it for a few days.  But the dog quickly found a place in my heart.  He was actually the same size and color as Mocha would have been at maturity.  Well behaved, perfect size, good all around dog.  I secretly hoped we could keep him.  Worst case scenario, we'd let the owner know that we'd be willing to dog sit in the future. 
Monday morning came around and Ryan took "stray" to the clinic with him.  The kennel and its contents still in the kitchen.  Monday afternoon I got the sad but realistic news that Clark would not be returning to our home.  His owners did in fact look for him.  Ryan wasn't in the clinic and didn't get to visit with the owner.  So that means there was no chit-chat about visitation rights :) , dog-sitting, etc.  I was bummed. 
Then last night when we were outside playing, there was something missing.  It just felt like we should have a dog running around.  I think we might be in the hunt for a new dog.  We love the australian shepherd, especially the miniature version.  Ryan isn't sold on paying for a dog so maybe we can trade veterinary skills or something.  I'd rather not have to pay for one but that's life.  So, if you know of someone with aussie pups, please please send them my way!


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