09 July 2010

My little guy

This was written on Wednesday night but I'm just now getting it posted...

Tonight mom and Ralph kept Scott. They took their grandson fishing. I love that they do this with him. I love to go fishing too but have kind of left this as something special Scott gets to do with his grammy and papa. Tonight Scott caught 1 catfish and 3 other fish. The boy is lucky (except I don’t believe in luck), really blessed (is God really concerned with how many fish my 4 year old catches), or a darn good little fisherman.

It’s funny how we thought having two kids was a hand full prior to bringing Judah home. Now, three kids is a hand full. Supper time is noisy, bath time is slightly chaotic, and bedtime is appreciated by everyone in the house. With one child being gone tonight, having just two kids seems so easy. We only had two kids to care for. Not three. Not three plus two friends (which oddly enough was easier than just our three). Tonight was simple. Ryan fixed supper. After supper we went outside to play a while with the B(arbie) jeep and jump on the trampoline. When the time came for baths, it went seemingly quiet and easy. I even had enough time and patience to paint Bethany’s nails.

It was so easy tonight. It’s not because of Scott. He’s usually the easiest one to care for. Was it because Ryan fixed supper? Or because I didn’t clean up at all after the supper? Or because this week I’ve been more grounded in The Word? Or because I asked someone to pray for my sanity this week? Or maybe you’re like me and think it’s a combination of all of it.

All I know is that I have a major ache in my back (still waiting on God to fix this bulged disk) and no pain medication or muscle relaxers. That in and of itself should cause me to go crazy. But tonight I sit here thankful for my parents who are spending time with Scott, thankful for my hubby who loves and cares for me and resting in the Peace that only God can give in a time like this.

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