23 July 2010

Potty Training

I've read two posts lately about potty training. Jayme's post gave me the encouragement I needed to actually train my kids. It's been a fun process. Lisa's post reminded me that we're not the only ones potty training two kids at one time. Seriously, who does that? Okay, so we're seriously potty training both little ones. On top of that, Scott is having issues and is currently back in pull-ups. Oh, what fun it is at our house.

Okay, so here's the dirty deal about the kids... and I'll try to keep it short. Bethany, the one who screams when we put her on the potty, she's doing excellent. We started in panties on Saturday and had a few days where she WOULD NOT potty on the toilet. Finally Monday morning I picked her sleeping body up out of bed, took her to the toilet and told her she would sit there until she pottied. It worked. Who knew!?!? I wondered how I'd get to work on time if this became a battle of the wills. And know what, it clicked with her then too. By Tuesday she was telling us when she had to go and going by herself. Voila. Not perfect though. She's still gotta figure out how to poop on the toilet so her Dor@ panties don't get dirty.

Judah, is easier in some respects. He's been pottying on the toilet a while now. But he doesn't say when he has to go. He also doesn't have a bladder of steel like his siblings nor has he learned to empty said bladder. So, it's a little more challenging in some respects. But, hey, he's liking his undies too and we're finally not spending as much money on diapers. Yipee!!!

Okay, well its way more detailed than that but I'm trying to keep it short. So there you have it.

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Jody said...

I've not been good about commenting, though I do read you in my reader every few days. I'm always here to bounce ideas off of or help with connections you might need (I seem to know a lot of people....)