31 March 2008


Another wild weekend for us. Only this was prefaced with two quiet days so I really enjoyed my weekend. My house was already clean (and kept that way for a week straight which is a miracle) so I was able to piddle around with other odds and ends in the morning. I spent the afternoon at the church decorating with some of our international stuff for our "missions Sunday" which went over really well.

Left there and headed home to make a meal for our friends who are new parents. Thanks to my husband who started a meal for me while I was at the church. We finished it up and headed over to their house and I held the baby while they ate. He was so little.

Sunday we had a few old and new friends over for lunch after church. We were hungry but the meal seemed to fill everyone up. We followed that with a game of Mexican Dominoe Train which was fun and as we finished that, Ryan served us all chocolate peanut butter milk shakes which were over the top. Later that afternoon, with an over tired child who needed another hour to his nap, Mom came over with a present for Scott. He was pretty excited about the kite she bought him and said "grammy, thank you for the kite. I just love it so much". Yes, he's good with words that little schmoozer. So, we flew the kite for a while and then went in for some hot chocolate. Scott went home with Grammy and Ryan and hung out and played with Bethany for the evening. It was a nice, quiet night at home!


CORI said...

I wish I had a hubby who made me chocolate pb shakes. Those sound so yummy!

Ashley said...

Yes, those shakes do sound yummy! Sounds like a great weekend! Can't wait to hear Sulli start talking like Scott does!