20 March 2008

He's Too Good with Words

Scott had several funny moments last night. I'll try to recap them real quick:
1. When B informed him that C was coming over, he started doing circles while hopping in the air and very excitedly hollering "C is coming over. Oh, I love her. I just love C". It was stinkin' adorable.
2. Later while C read Scott his bed time story, there were comments back and forth about Scott stealing B's woman. B looked seriously at Scott and said "She's my woman". And Scott looked right at B and said "no, she's my woman, B". We about died of laughter and Ben got up from where he was sitting with Scott and C and came over and sat by me.

Yes, not even 3 years old and already knows how to schmooze the ladies.


Fantastagirl said...

Happy Easter to you and your family! May you have an awesome day together.

Ashley said...

What a cute kid. Love stories like that.