12 March 2008

A lot on my plate...

1. Plans for a class reunion this summer. Have contact 43 of ~230 classmates. Eek, lots to contact yet.
2. Girls Night Out activity for some friends and bible study buddies for March 28th ish
3. Soup cook-off at the office on March 25th
4. Junior High Girls Mom and Daughter Dessert: tentatively April12th
5. Meals for N&M who are expecting a baby any day now

I think I'm missing something...

Other things in the very near future include Ryan's birthday and Easter. Ryan is on call for Easter AGAIN this year so that will at least be local. But that also means that we need to plan a trip to see his grandparents as they've not seen my kiddos since Christmas. Ahh, when will I be finished planning?

I wish I could get paid to do this kind of stuff full time. I love doing it but don't have the hours in the day to get it done after my work day.

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Ashley said...

how is the reunion planning coming?