17 March 2008


Happy early Birthday my dear Ryan.


ps: I love you

Yes, I finished the book and was surprised by the ending. Definitely a good read! Thanks girls for sharing with me. Now, I'm waiting for her to write a sequel.


CORI said...

The ending surprised me too ;-( (not in a good way)

Glad that you enjoyed it!

Fantastagirl said...

Happy birthday to Ryan!

Amy said...

I love me a good love story, so I went out and picked the book up on Thursday...I also finished it this weekend. I really enjoyed the story, but like Cori, I didn't care for the way the book ended. But sometimes it's hard to end books like that. As the reader you always want more. Now, I'd love to see the movie.

Ashley said...

happy late bday to your hubby!