12 March 2008

PS: I Love You

Cori recently needed a new book to read. I had nothing to suggest as the reading I do wouldn't interest Cori. I left the suggestions up to others who read lots more. A dear friend, Renae, sent Cori a copy of the book PS I love you. Their conversations really had me curious about the book. And let me just point out for the record that I don't do a ton of reading. I prioritize my time other places. And if there's a movie version, you can bet that I'll watch the movie instead (duh, 90 minutes of my time versus how long to read a book???) However, it sounded so sweet and lured me right in. Cori, upon finishing the book dropped it in the mail to me.

I got it Monday night. I opened the package to find the book wasn't an 80 page read, its a novel. Remember, I don't have much time to read, my life is full of other things. Holy cow, when am I going to get this read? However, somehow I've managed to read through 130-some pages already. Yeah, with a busy last two days, I'm not sure how that happened. Well, maybe it was that I put my kids to bed at a decent time and stayed up to read for a while, I read instead of listening to my ipod while I pumped at work and today I plan on reading during my lunch. Hmm, funny how things can grab your attention so well.

I've had a few books that have pulled me right in. I'm not one for love stories (what I call "girl porn") that presents the perfect love story that will never be my love story but this is the second one I've read. The first one is called "learning to breathe again" by Tammy Trent. It was amazing. The book is about Tammy Trent's experience of suddenly losing her husband and learning to breathe again. Amazing. I remember thinking prior to the book (because I heard her talk on the radio) that I would be fine if put in that situation because at the time I didn't have kids, have a career, etc. And then when I read and felt her emotion, I began begging God to not ever test me in that situation. Good read.

Anyway, off to read the book. Thanks Cori and Renae for sharing with me!


Meritt said...

OMGosh I totally forgot about Tammy Trent! I remember when her husband died - and as goofy as this may sound, I loved her picture and adored her hair and I saved a copy on my computer so I could get a haircut like hers. But... then I never did, but a friend of mine did.

But even without the hair talk - I remembered crying over her story back then. Wow. Thanks for the memory - I'll have to go look her up now!!

Amy said...

Hmmm, maybe I'll have to read P.S. I love you.

Kimberly said...

I loved Tammy Trent when I heard her speak at the Women of Faith conference last year. Her story made me cry. I think I might like to read her book too. I did see the movie PS: I love you, and it was sooooo good - highly recommended (but it did have a few PG-13 moments). My husband took me to see it, in January, for my birthday. So sweet and romantic. I'm having trouble finding the book on Amazon - is it the same as "There's No Place Like Here" ???

Kimberly said...

Hi Tamara,
Thanks for reading my blog. I love sharing my life with people. I loved your comment a while back on my post, "5 Things I Learned in Idaho." My husband's name is Tad and we both grew up in R., but we are friends with Tad H, and his wife, and we know his sis too. I finally figured out about the PS: I love you book. It's neat to learn about the author and where she's from. I was excited to learn she's been helping create the show, Samantha Who?, because I really love that show too. All this talk has made me want to see the PS movie again. We saw August Rush last night though and that helped b/c I just adore the Irish accents they speak with.

Good to talk to you.

Ashley said...

I'll put it on my list to read!