06 March 2008

Church Potluck

Sunday church potlucks are always fun. We typically sit with the same group of people, pass our kids around, eat too much food and have a good time. This past Sunday I decided to sit with Scott's family (Scott, his new fiance, her son and her son's friend). As I walked by the little boys to set my plate down I saw that one of them had his hands cupped together and full of food. My initial thought was that he was playing with his food and trying to gross out his friend. After taking a quick look at the childs plate, I realized that his hands were holding puke. Yup, you got it, puke! I quickly sat my plate down, grabbed the kid's napkin and scraped the nastiness into my own hands. Took my napkin and wiped the liquids off his hands. Ah, the warm feeling of someone else's puke in your hands. How's that for the 'ol appetite. By now the fiance asks what's going on and the friend replies "i threw up in my hands". All the better. I discarded the brat piecess, liquid and other fun stuff into the trash, washed my hands and went back to the table. Good thing the fiance was done eating because she pushed her plate away as it ruined her appetite. Nope, not me. I sat right down and started in on my tasty meal. And when it came time to need a napkin, I stole Shane's since mine had already been used!

Happy Friday!


Fantastagirl said...

hey - dont' forget to post about that little boy...

Just thought I'd be helpful!

Ashley said...

That is definitely a Tammy story. You have a strong stomach!