10 March 2008

What do you get Paid?

While searching for something else, I came across 3 websites with some interesting information:

  1. This random Iowa Treasure Hunt site allows you to search for unclaimed property. I was hoping it would be like a winning lotto ticket for me so I searched my last name. And what did I find? I found that Ryan's cousin has $28.86 in unclaimed property. Fantastagirl, if you were living in Washington, you would have some money too. Iowa Geek, I looked for you but no luck. I was hoping you would have an unknown large sum of cash too. It's a fun site, check it out.
  2. So, onto what I was actually searching for: the state of Iowa has a searchable database (by name) for the salary of state of Iowa employees. Do you want to know what your old prof gets paid? You can look it up here. Do you want to know what that DNR guy get paid. You can also look it up on this site. I had a fun few minutes looking up the salary of some friends I know that are state employees.
  3. And that got me curious. As a federal employee, I know that my salary is public information. But, I wondered, can it be searched my my name. And you bet, with a little help of google, I found an old one. You can look up salaries from 2006 for federal employees. My old boss at the Forest Service, yep, found his income. Ryan's uncle who does amazing things with "communities" of plaque, yep, his can be found too.

I was amazed at the wealth of information I could find on these 3 sites! Happy Hunting!


Fantastagirl said...

Darn no one in my family has money owed to them... maybe next time. Interesting site tough. I knew about the state employees listed on that site - because my boss hates that it is there.

Jody said...

There's always hope that money will turn up... :)

Meritt said...

Funny... I used to do that for fun in Minnesota. LOL.

I felt so bad for some of the people in my hometown (I didn't know that personally - I just found their name and address in my city) that I almost went to their homes to tell them they had money they could claim!

Ashley said...

I found out I am sorely underpaid! Blah!