03 March 2008


A while back at Sarah's (a wonderful cook/baker), I had these awesome german chocolate cookies. Made very simply (my kind of recipe) and with wonderful taste, I had to have the recipe. Made them last week with Scott and shared a few Ryan, my folks and Chris (a bachelor buddy of Ryan's). They were gone, almost instantly. We started with 3 dozen and you would have never known they were in the house except the left over frosting. Anyway, I'm eager to make some more. I love me some good cookies. Girl Scout cookies are out and although not at all what I need if I want to keep my figure, I shouldn't be eating a box of cookies in two days. I really like those things. My favorites truly are the caramel delite and the mint chocolate ones. Umm, I have found that the little elves make both of those however I can only find the mint ones on a consistent basis. My mouth is now watering for some cookies. I NEED COOKIES. Okay, anyway, I read that Merritt has some recipes to make those cookies. Meritt, I would love to have those recipes. Will you put them on your blog or email them to me, please.


Meritt said...

Greetings... I do. The Thin Mints are incredible and you almost cannot tell the difference between them. I need to track down my recipe for the coconut ones. I've not made them in about a year!

Ashley said...

THe girl scouts gave me the wrong cookies and I was heart broken. How could they make such a huge and detrimental mistake? NO!!!!