30 January 2010

Why I'm exhausted today...

Our days don't always go as planned.

Plans were for the kids to stay the night with Ryan's folks. We were going to do a little shopping, get home, sleep in in the morning and then help some friends move. Didn't exactly happen like that.

We had an awesome meal with Ryan's folks. Everyone loved it, even Bethany. (Bethany has become difficult in eating lately and wants mommy to feed her and doesn't like to eat a full meal). Shortly after the meal, Bethany began projectile puking liquid all over my inlaws leather furniture. I took her downstairs and bathed her. Bethany acted just fine which was great news. I assumed the food shoveling was the culprit of the puking. While Bethany sat in Grandma's lap, she continued to have this tiny cough, just like she did prior to the first puking episode. Not wanting Eunice to worry about Bethany all night or deal with a puking kid, I asked Bethany if she wanted to go home. She jumped right up for her snow pants. Scott all of a sudden had to go home too. Great! I just drove 40 miles one way to drop off two kids that were going home with us. Brilliant! We started getting Scott ready to go, while Bethany read with Grandma. Trying to protect the wool rug just in case, we covered Bethany with her Duckie blanket. Round 2 of puking began! What fun. This time the solids came up. Fortunately not enough time had elapsed for the food to break down and the sour stink to form. This time it was all over Bethany and me. Nice! At that point, we were thinking we were all staying the night. No toothbrush, no jammies, no sleeping in!

If it was just that simple, it would be okay.

The next two hours or more were NOT fun. Bethany got her clothes stripped off again and she was excited to wear her brothers Hulk Hogan shirt. At first. She screamed and screamed. She was SO tired, she wouldn't give up. She wanted her Duckie blanket. She wanted her Duckie blanket!!! Even though she knew it was in the washer because she puked all over, she wanted her Duckie blanket. It was not getting any better. I wanted her to STOP crying. I could handle the crying. I just didn't want her to puke on me again. I was already down to my camisole and thermals with no clothes to change into. Thankfully the room was dark and there was no clock. I have no idea when she FINALLY calmed down. All I know is when I woke up this morning, I was still TIRED. Bethany on the other hand was wide awake... and asking for her Duckie blanket which I could not find. My sweet mother in law had brought it downstairs when it came out of the dryer but I couldn't find it in the dark.

Gotta love parenting!!!

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