23 January 2010


The guy on the left is flying in on Monday.
edited: as of Sunday, he will not be flying in tommorrow. As I understand it, he might come a week later. We're praying for tickets to be purchased and details to be finalized!

You don't understand how excited some of us are to see him.

Oh how I wish he was bringing these people with him!

For those who need a little refresher course, the above mentioned guy is Isaac. He played a huge role in our mission trip to Mexico this summer. We grew to love Isaac and his entire family. The second picture is taken with some of the youth from the Mexico City church that helped us in Huixquilucan. Two of the students I miss the most are in the above picture.

I'm super excited about Isaac coming to Iowa for a couple of reasons:

  • I'm looking forward to connecting with Isaac and getting together with our Mexico Team.
  • I'm excited to introduce him to my family because he became like a brother to me while in Mexico.
  • And of super importance, I'm excited for Isaac to come to spend time with his brother who lives just 2 hours from us.

Oh Lord, would it be your will that Isaac can arrive safely. God would you be glorified as Isaac rubs shoulders with people here in Iowa.

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