12 January 2010

Blind Side & Bethany

Ryan and I had some alone time tonight (thank you mom for keeping the kids). It was a great movie but sad that Michael's story is all too common in the US. It was interesting that I didn't know the story line at all and we were at the movie with some friends that also have a heart for the orphans. Oh how my heart aches for people who don't have a mommy and daddy to love them, read to them, nurture and celebrate with them. Oh how I wish Holt would give us siblings in addition to the little guy we're waiting for.

While we enjoyed a night out (where we at frozen pizza at my office cause I was working late), my mom and Ralph kept the kiddos. They care for our kids all day while I work and so it's like a second home to my kids. Bethany has been really clingy lately. Maybe its the cold, maybe its her age. Well apparently, she had a bit of a fun but sad moment tonight while Mom was making supper. Bethany was walking around the house repeating something that mom wasn't quite sure she understood. She had Bethany repeat again what she'd been walking around saying: my mommy doesn't care about me! When Grammy asked her why she thought that Bethany said "my mommy doesn't care about me cause she's not coming to get me". Oh child! Mom clarified that I do care about her and she could stay one night with Grammy.

Oh child, how will you cling to me tomorrow morning when I stop by to snuggle you for a bit before I go to work??? I love you Bethany and I do care about you. I care about you enough to focus a little of my attention on your daddy too!

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Sincerely, Jenni said...

I've been meaning to ask you... my husband and I are trying to find some specific verses in the Bible that would be relevant to "lost children", orphans, adoption... any ideas? I figured you might know.

It seems like I remember reading something years ago, and I can't remember what it was.