25 January 2010

Long Day

If I were getting adequate rest, I might not be fighting a cold. My fault, I know. Today was one thing after another and each thing had its own little special moment.
  • Nice, quiet drive to church. I kept having this feeling of fasting from sunrise to sunset. I do not do food fasts. I try and I get sick. But I felt at peace about trying from sunrise to sunset. We'll see where that leads.
  • It pays to be on time for church and makes the morning go easier.
  • I had such a full worship experience before our pastor ever said a word.
  • Struggled a little with a meeting I was in but my heart is elsewhere right now. I'm so thankful that God is working in the details of my life and priorities!
  • Had a nice chat with a dear friend after the meeting. We're two peas in a pod sometimes and I'm so thankful for her! God is putting some similar things on our hearts right now and it's good to chat with a like-hearted individual.
  • Tried skype-ing our friend from Mexico, Isaac. Got really nervous about what to say should he answer. My already bad spanish is RUSTY. Dissapointed to not talk to him but thankful for voicemail.
  • Rockstar husband picked up the laundry that I had scattered everywhere while I was out and about. Love him!
  • Got home at 5pm, friends arrived at 530 to watch the Vikings game. We get to hang out with friends and Ryan gets to watch football for once (okay, maybe the 5th time this season).
  • Wild kids are a blessing. J and I loved watched our two little girls play with each other. They're both used to playing with their brothers. They played house and played doctor. So cute that I watched rather than interupting the moment by running for my camera.
  • Who knew guys beating on other guys could be so entertaining. Anyone up for a butterfinger?
  • Celebrated joyfully when Michelle texted me to say that Jock and Lisa were finally getting their kiddos. Thank you DHS for finally getting them their kids so M and I no longer have to stalk her FB page!
  • The kiddos are nestled in bed together. Scott has a cold and should have been in bed early. Oops. I'm headed there too with my ipod in hand so I can listen to some more family life podcasts. I hope that Ryan gets back from the clinic soon so I can fall asleep.

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Sincerely, Jenni said...

I've been following Jock & Lisa's story since seeing them on the news a week or so ago, and also since you mentioned them the other day. What a blessing!

I saw footage of them on the news this morning while I was getting ready for work, and it showed them coming through the Des Moines airport with those two beautiful children. I cried!