11 January 2010


All weekend I was hungry... for junk food. Why is it that when I'm trying hard to eat and be healthier that I crave junk food. Grr.

On another note, I woke up this morning hungry to read God's Word. It was a struggle though after a long and wakeful night. I think I have too much on my mind and I needed some snuggle time with my hubby. I didn't sleep worth a darn and had really wierd dreams. I woke up and immediately started praying for those situations. That God would fill me with more of Himself. Rather than try to understand why I had those dreams, I just wanted to rest in God's peace. At the same time I was TIRED and just wanted to go back to sleep. So it was a battle for me - do I get the much needed sleep and chance returning to the wierd dream state? Do I get up and read my bible and try, try, try to focus? Or do I get my lazy butt out of bed and get on the treadmill where I could have some quiet time?

What do you think I did?

This morning, I opted to stay in bed and pray while at the same time thinking about those dreams. Odd. I wish I'd been more hungry for God's word than I've been for junk food.

By the way, I totally became child-like last night. Ryan got called out so I had to fill in as Scott's wii playing buddy. Don't tell Ryan but I had fun doing so! We played Lego Batman and Scott just loves it. At 730pm having already given Bethany a snack of crackers and craisins cause she was hungry, I finally got off my lazy bum and headed to the kitchen to make a quick supper. At the same time, Ryan drove back up to the house. I did dishes from earlier and he took care of supper. That game was addictive!!!

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