13 January 2010

I like your ipod

I like his ipod more than mine. Is that envy?!?!? Maybe a little but mostly just fascinated with how far apple has come with their product in a few short years. My ipod nano is several years old. It was a gift from Ryan just over two years ago. It holds about 2 gig and isn't flashy at all. Nowadays, the nano has much more to offer. While checking out Jim's new nano, I found out that it can play FM radio and has a video camera. That's impressive. Check out the nano at the apple store to get a better idea of the other bells and whistles it has. They come in 8 and 16 gig which means that they hold lots of songs and video.

That got me wondering, if the nano has improved that much, how much has the video ipod improved? Ryan has a very early model of the video ipod. From the looks of my searching at the apple store, it is now called the ipod classic and doesn't look like it has the cool video camera or FM radio player. Maybe apple is using the webpage to brag about the 160gig of space rather than the camera and radio. Who knows. According to the price set for both, I think I'd go for the nano and have the radio and camera and just stick with my tv to watch movies on! Thanks apple for such a fun little tool.

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