04 January 2010

Vacation Raffle Drawing

We did NOT draw the winner yesterday. We have sold enough tickets though. Praise God. We had a last minute trip to central Iowa this weekend which meant I didn't have a chance to connect with a few of my girlfriends who were helping me sell tickets. I'm hoping to connect with each of them by the end of the day today and do the drawing tonight.

Thanks everyone for participating.


Patty said...

I have not received my tickets yet - if you do the drawing tonight (and they're not in today's mail) do you have record of my ticket numbers? I'll e-mail as soon as Jake is home and can check the mail to let you know if we received them today.

Kristine said...

make sure you pick mine LOL! J/K praise God that you sold enough. What a Great God we have! Now its time to make the plan to go get that baby! Yea!! Love you!