11 January 2010

I love my little guy!

If I could get my thoughts to post on this blog, and control which thoughts get posted, I might have a very interesting blog. I think about things to post throughout my work day or while I'm showering or driving but it never makes it here. I wish I had more time to post really. I get so busy with living life that I don't get to write about life. There's one thing from Saturday that I don't want to forget to share:

Scott received a little wooden cutout Jesus-fish with markers from his sunday school teacher. Saturday he sat at the table and colored it while I was busy in the other room. A little while later he came into the bathroom with the biggest smile on his face. He was so excited, I think he was at a loss for words. I could see that he'd written "to mommy" at the bottom of it. I was so proud of my little guy. I asked if it was for me and he pushed his hands towards me as I knelt down and said yes. I hugged him and thanked him and told him that I was proud that he wrote "to mommy" all by himself (he's 4!). I proudly placed it on my bathroom counter so I could daily be reminded of all the things my child is learning! He was beaming.

I was beaming too. The next morning as he was getting ready for sunday school, Ryan informed Scott that Ms. A wouldn't be his teacher today, that Ms. K would. His immediate reply was "I will tell K thank you for my Christmas present when I see her". He did indeed. And unlike some reports from Sunday school, K did tell me that he was such a good little boy and was attentive and listening.

And since I'm bragging up my little boy, I'll also share that Saturday morning while we snuggled in bed, he kept telling me the Daniel in the Lions den bible story that he learned on Wednesday night. I asked if he wanted to hear the whole story from the bible and since he loves being read to, he said yes. I grabbed up my bible, searched through the book of Daniel, and found the story and read it to him. He sat there quietly and listened to the entire story - big words and all. Atta boy Scott, you keep learning those stories of how people were faithful and God provided just like He did for Daniel in the lion's den.

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Jody said...

That is so sweet. It's so beautiful to see kids growing in God.

As I was driving the girls to preschool Monday Brenna was noticing how the lake we pass was frozen over. Suddenly she said, "Mom,I'm going to praise God!" And she did. It was very touching.