04 January 2010

Vacation Raffle

[mixing tickets]
[we did put them ALL back in for the drawing]
[and the winner is...]

Of course, I can't leave the post at just that.
Jody Halsted is the winner of 2 airline tickets and 5 nights at a Marriott. I called her last night after 10pm to tell her. Ready to apologize for calling late, I was seriously bummed when it went straight to voicemail. For those who remember the iblog conference I went to in November, Jody planned and hosted that. She's a fabulous woman, loves her family and loves God. Go on over and congratulate Jody at http://www.iowageekonline.com/ Jody also writes at http://www.havekidwilltravel.com/. This time Jody, I guess you won't be able to travel with teh kids. Congratulations!
A few things I learned in the process:
  • Be very clear and concise about the details when asking friends to help sell tickets.
  • Know that it does take lots of time to administer the whole deal.
  • Raffles are fun when you're the winner. Not so fun when you know just about everyone who bought tickets and wish they could all win!

And a few other thoughts of appreciation:

  • I want to express a HUGE thank you to our dear anonymous friends who donated the vacation. You guys offerred us the package and we tried to say no but you were sure that you wanted to share your vacation. I'm so glad that I had just learned to let people participate, to not take away the gift that God gives. Thanks for journeying with us friends!
  • Also a big thanks to all those who sold tickets. You guys rock.
  • All in all we sold 723 tickets which greatly helps us in our journey to adopt our little guy!


Beth said...

Awesome news! Congrats to Jody. She is very deserving.

Jody said...

While I am very excited about winning (and thinking about using the trip for our anniversary(especially since we never had a honeymoon!) I am more excited that you sold over 700 tickets! Congratulations to you!

(Since I'm up at 5:30 am I get offline at 8:30 and am asleep by 9:30. Had I actually received you call I probably wouldn't have slept one bit!)

Kristine said...

Very excited for the winner!! After the winter y'all have had, go someplace warm :) And so thrilled you sold 723 tickets. What an amazing donation to help with your donation fund! Love hearing the stories of God's constant provision!