01 June 2009

Lavish Love

It was a fun by busy and tiring weekend. I spent Saturday with some of the ladies from Postville pampering and loving on them while some friends watched their kiddos. It was a much needed day of relaxation for some women who are in the midst of chaos following the immigration raid last year. These women were wonderful and I enjoyed getting to know them a little bit.

Life is busy as usual. Spending evenings playing with the kiddos and trying to cut out the row of shrubs along the driveway. It's tedious work but it needs to be done. I'm cutting out the dead stalks, smashing the nasty beetles that survived the winter after feasting on my once gorgeous shrubs last year, and leaving the tender new growth. What a reminder of God's love. I hadn't thought of it till just now. That pruning process with God reveals the good, new and fresh growth. May those remaining little twigs remind me of God while I remember to stomp out the evil that destroys and sucks the life out of me!

I've been reading in Hebrews lately. To be honest, I struggle having a consistent quiet time with God. I know that getting to know someone means spending time but I feel like I have so much going on. Funny how we can find time for what's important yet rush through quiet time in 5 minutes. I've been late to work several times lately because I'm enjoying my time in the Word. I know I need to get back to journaling which focuses my attention more on what God is trying to teach me through the passage. I'm so thakful for a God who's outside of time and wants to know me regardless of my sporadic time with Him. I'm also thankful that I serve a God who cares enough to want to know me and for me to know Him more deeply than I allow time for!

In light of speaking of love (not the original intent of this post), my folks are in CA lavishing love on our family out there. I'm a bit jealous. But mostly I miss my mom and Ralph. Especially their willingness and ability to easily care for my children!

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Ashley said...

So glad you are helping to show love to the women of Postville. I will pray that it helps turn their hearts to Him!