02 June 2009

I can do it

Last night while at the warehouse where Ryan was working on the VBS set, I rattled off the words of one of Scott's children's books. Chris got a kick out of the story and I'm not sure he noticed that I had it memorized. Ryan on the other hand gave me a look and told Chris and me that I should be able to memorize whole books of the bible because I've got a good memory. I thought that was funny since Ryan is the one with an incredible memory. I can do numbers, not stories, unless they rhyme and are children's books.

I went home last night and read through Hebrews 11-12. The 11th chapter talks about the things people did because they had the faith. That got me thinking about our ongoing adoption stuff. Then it got me thinking about Ryan's comment from earlier. I've thought more than once lately about my need to hide God's Word in my heart - to learn and memorize and know scripture. But I rarely do it. So I'm gonna try what Ryan suggested. Only I'm going to tone it down quite a bit to one chapter to begin with. I'm going to work on memorizing Hebrews 11 and wee what comes of that. God will bless my efforts, I know, but I'm excited to see how thinking about the faith of others will impact my own life. Anyone wanna join me???

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Ashley said...

Try to Topical Memory System. That is a great way to do it. I did it a few years ago - and really should go through it all again! Thanks for encouraging me to do so!!