24 June 2009


Well I made it to CA just fine. As I was driving up to Minneapolis to the airport, I was thinking that it was really no big deal to travel alone with an almost 2 year old. There was no reason things shouldn't go smoothly. Boy was I wrong!

Just after noon we stopped in Rochester to grab a few things at Target (including a restraint/leash for Bethany) and drive thru at McD's. Bethany proceeded to eat a few fries and throw the rest on the floor.

We arrived at the airport and I had to circle it once since I took the wrong lane. It was hot outside (97 and humid) so we rushed inside and got to the ticket counter where Bethany threw the first of many huge fits. She didn't like the monkey on her back that was her leash thingy. I didn't trust her without it. I ended up holding her while fumbling through my bag to check in. At this point, she pee'd through her full diaper and soaked her cute new bermuda shorts and my cute new shirt. Right there at the check in I laid her on the floor and changed her, leaving her in her diaper and me with a soaked shirt. Note to self: next time bring an extra pair of clothes for myself too! I debated on buying a new shirt but figured I was spending enough money so I pulled out the wet wipes and tried to clean my shirt.

Bethany was hungry but she had the opportunity to eat and I'd pitched her food. I also wanted to wait till we got on the airplane to feed her and occupy her that way for a while. Boarding the plane was a mess. She screamed and cried. She wanted her daddy. She didn't want on the airplane. She wanted a nutrigrain bar. She didn't want the bar. She crumbled it everywhere and finally began to eat it. She had snot and bar smeared everywhere (not that I cared about my shirt now). I felt bad for the passengers all within 5-10 rows of us. She never napped.

The layover proved similar. She wanted a hamburger. No, she wanted a sandwich. She wouldn't eat the sandwich. She doesn't like craisins but she really does love them and finally ate some. She wanted the snack mix that the girl across from us was eating. The girl was willing to share but I was a mean mommy. Boarding our second flight wasn't as bad. She only cried for the first 40 minutes and it wasn't hysterical like the first flight. She wanted juice but we were in the last row and the flight attendant started at the first row. It was a long few minutes of waiting. Bethany was mean to everyone and even then two people took pictures of that cute litle girl they sat by. Odd, I didn't think she was being cute at all!!! About 20 minutes before we landed, she finally crashed. I carried her limp body all through the airport and held her while getting the car. She was grumpy with Grandpa Danny who was only trying to help.

Thank you dad for meeting us at the airport. I wish it wasn't so late and we could have grabbed a bite to eat with you.

We made it to Ashley's around 1030. And Bethany stayed asleep. She was finally peaceful!

Thank you Ashley for letting me crash your house last minute.

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Ashley said...

YW! You can stay here at any time you like!!