18 June 2009


About a month ago one of my girlfriends was selling her guitar and it came with one free lesson from her (guitar lesson teaching) husbad.  I mentioned to Ryan that I would love to learn how to play guitar.  Thought it sounded like fun, I have other priorities for the money I've saved and would rather remodel the living room. 
Nothing else was said.
Until last night.
We were about 2 hours over due for bed time and both tired.  Ryan mentioned that he had something for me since he didn't buy me an anniversary gift and asked if I wanted it then or later.  Duh, of course I want it now.  He turned off the light and laid a Big Baby Taylor guitar in my lap.  I was so surprised.  Taylor is a nice (which also means expensive) brand.  He bought it used on ebay.  It's not in perfect condition but it is more than I would need.  Ryan had been in kahootz with Shane (the guitar teacher) about the whole deal.  He'd been watching them on ebay for the past month.  Sunday while out on calls, he stopped at the clinic to check his bid.  He was beat out by 55 cents and with only a few minutes left, he upped his bid and bought me a guitar.  Sweet deal. 
Now I just need to find time and money in the budget to get guitar lessons...
This morning Michelle sent me a text message saying she wasn't working out.  I was fine with that and spent that time instead making my hubby breakfast in bed.  Scrambled eggs with guacamole... umm good. 
Thanks love for the guitar!

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1 comment:

Ashley said...

AWESOME!!! WHat a sweet husband!