15 June 2009


Not sure how it happened this morning but while Ryan was gone working out, I was laying in bed reading my bible.  It was ~615am.  I heard someone coming up the stairs and knew it was the dog and it wasn't heavy enough steps to be Ryan.  Should I be concerned???  It was Scott.  I figured he'd went down stairs to find me and come back up.  When I asked him about it, he informed me that daddy let him watch Mary Poppins this morning.  What time did that kid get up???  Thank you honey for letting me sleep since I feel like I got no sleep all night! 
I'm not sure if it was on Mary Poppins or something else but Scott began asking me about cartwheels and was trying to do them in the living room.  With a little assistance, he managed back up.  And much to his surprise, I showed him that mommy could do a cartwheel too.  Glad you weren't there because it was embarrassing.  It was by no means a cartwheel that I would have done back in the day!  In fact, I didn't even get my legs straight up in the air.  Maybe mommy needs to go back to gymnastics and take Scott along!

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Ashley said...


I used to do cartwheels no problemo!! Glad you didn't hurt yourself in the process - I still think we are young...even if our bodies don't agree at times (like this)!