27 June 2009

Living to the Fullest

Any time I come home, it seems like a mad rush to see all the people I need and want to see. Last September when we we're home for 15 days, we took it slowly. That is so not the case this time. I'm physically in Kingsburg for 5 days and it has gone so quickly. There's so many people I want to see, places I want to stop, pools I want to swim in (it's hot here). But bringing a 2 year old with me [Happy Birthday Bethany] forces me to slow down a bit.

Wednesday and Thursday I spent the whole day with family. Friday I spent the day with some close friends and made a quick trip to the Fair Trade store in Reedley with my Grandma. This morning I stopped to visit various family members before bringing Bethany back to Ashley's for a nap. This quiet time has been fun to blog and iron my dress for sarah's wedding tonight... if I manage to find the iron. I'm hoping for a quick tanning session in the hot sun before Bethany wakes up. We'll see if I get that accomplished.

Tomorrow will be church and hanging out with friends. I have been so blessed to spend time with some old friends that I don't keep in contact with very often. As I sat down this afternoon I was thinking about all the people I still want to see and my mom called to ask my plans for tomorrow. She's hoping our family can gather again. I think that would be great but also want to see those I've not yet seen. The days are full and I know I won't get to see everyone before I leave.

I've loved being near convenience and only driving 5 minutes to a Walgreens where I also happened to pick up a new Fresno State shirt. And only driving a few miles to stop in at my Grandma's for breakfast with her. I love that. Thank you Ryan and Eunice for encouraging me to come out here even though it wasn't in my plans!

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Ashley said...

So glad to spend time with you while you were here. Love having you closer, my friend!