02 June 2009

Full of it today

I've been lacking in posting lately, mostly because of my hectic schedule. Here's another quick update based on this post from a month ago:
  • I'm finished in one of the two offices I have to audit. It only took me 2/3 of the expected time. They've changed the process a bit so I don't know if I'll get so luck in the next office. For now, I'm enjoying being in my own office, especially since its my coworker buddy's last week here. I'm supposed to be here for 3 weeks but I might get an early start on the next office so I don't feel like I'm in limbo here.
  • I got my passport back two weeks ago. I was really confused with the US Govt envelope since I wasn't expecting anything from my employer.
  • Newspaper articles were done. Our small town paper was very generous in doing an article. I wish I could share the article with you but I don't have access to their old files.
  • Tonight is round 2 of my HepB shot. We'll see how sore my arm is tomorrow.
  • My new nephew is adorable. I hope my parents are enjoying getting to hold and kiss on him while they're out there for a few weeks.

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