15 June 2009


Saturday we took our neighbor with us to the park in town for a fun-filled kick-off for Vacation Bible School. It went well and the boys did wonderfully together (much better these days than the first time they socialized this spring). They were tired when it was time to go home. On the way out of town, Aaron started crying. Of course I asked to see what was wrong. Apparently Scott told Aaron that he was going to put him in jail. Aaron didn't like that idea and cried (he's not a wimpy kid, it had to have been that he was tired). I assured Aaron that Scott would not put him in jail and by the time we got to Aaron's, he was done crying.

That night when Scott prayed, he remembered little Aaron without my prompting. He was sorry that he told Aaron that he'd put him in jail and said he wouldn't put Aaron in jail. He was thankful for his family, some church friends, and his neighbor, Aaron. What a sweet kid I [sometimes] have.

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Ashley said...

You do have a sweet little boy!