30 June 2009

Home Again

After our flight out to California, I was sure I never wanted to fly with Bethany again. Fortunately Bethany was a different child on our return flight.

Bethany slept the entire second flight. It was awesome. We landed at 1145pm. Grabbed our bags and was headed to my van (along side some kind strangers who agreed I shouldn't walk by myself) to my van. Paid $126 for parking, peeled my contacts out, put my glasses on and was head down the highway towards home by 1215am.

The 3 hour drive was shortened a bit. Even then it was a LONG drive home. By Rochester I was struggling to keep my eyes open and had about 80 miles to go. But I couldn't stop then. With lots and lots of prayer, begging God to keep me awake, and with a little help from cold water on my face, I stayed awake and pulled into my inlaws driveway at 3am.

I snuggled Bethany up to Scott in his bed before climbing under some blankets on the basement couch. Scott woke once and was half way up the stairs when I called him and he had to snuggle me for a few minutes. Bright and early at 7am, the construction crew was pounding away. Four hours of sleep and I could have used at least four more. But who cares, I was [almost] home.

After home-made waffles, I managed to hide back downstairs for a brief nap before Scott found me and woke me up. We left my inlaws and went straight to the clinic so I could see my hubby. Oh how sweet it was to be together as a family again!


Patty said...

Glad you had a safe return home and a peaceful plane ride. It was nice to read about your visits with family while you were here in CA. :)

Ashley said...

Sooo glad you were able to stay awake on the drive home. PTL! I was worried!! That could have been very bad!