01 May 2009

Whirlwind Post...

to match my whirlwind day
  • my TAB key isn't working... how annoying!
  • Got word this morning that I'll be spending 9 of the next 13 weeks in other field offices helping with an audit. That's what experience and hard work get you I guess.
  • Sent passport in today, a tad later than I'd planned
  • Talked with newspapers about articles for Mexico City trip
  • Got a tetanus, HepA, and HepB shot last night. Doing pushups right afterwards doesn't keep it from being sore. I tried.
  • 4pm came way too fast today. I'm swamped trying to do everything before I leave in a week to another office.
  • Thank my amazing God that today is friday and tomorrow is a "stay at home" day.
  • Finished Crazy Love by Francis Chan the other day. I'll have to listen to that again.
  • Have a nephew due in 21 days... woo hoo!

There's more I'm sure. But my mind is so running a million directions that I can hardly type... oh yeah I just remembered what else...

Scott picked this for me. He thought I should leave it on the counter at my mom's. He finally let me bring it to work. It's beautiful and he's such a sweet boy!

This thing was on my driveway last night. He didn't want to "play dead" when I tried flipping him over for a photograph. Fun-hater. Watch out, they bite!

And last but not least, my precious daughter with her adorable hat. My little Bethany looks just like my friend Bethany with this outfit!!!

Oh, and don't foget to read my post below:


Michelle said...

Hey girl what sweet & precious babies you have. Can I add you on blog? I forget to check your blog cause it's not on my page!

Renae said...

I'm one of the lucky ones too! So not only am I moving in 2 months but I get to spend most of that time in other field offices - lovely. Not sure how I really feel about it yet but trying not to be stressed.

I have to print off your letter and show Chris so we can pray about it. Hoping I'll be able to give you positive news in the next few days.


Ashley said...

How did the articles come out?