08 May 2009

Kalahari Resort

Well, I intended to share some pictures of our time at the Kalahari Resort. Thinking my hubby loaded all of them to my ipod, I started this post. Only to find out that he loaded the first half (that I had downloaded onto his laptop) onto my ipod and the rest are still on the camera... so here's what I'll share for now:
My meal Wedneday night. We started with coconut shrimp for an appetizer. They were awesome. My meal was a stir-fry that I didn't appreciate and thanks to Fort Dodge Animal Health, I was encouraged to order something else. I then ordered the coconut shrimp dinner and it was lovely. I couldn't believe it came out looking like this:
On our way back from supper, we stopped on a little rock for a family picture. Scott was less than thrilled to be taking the picture but Ryan smiled nicely and Bethany looks all grown up.
While at the African themed resort, God kept gently reminding that I wanted to love a child in need in His Name. I couldn't believe that the entire resort was full of reminders (both fun and historical) of Africa. I wanted to take their decorations home with me.
It was good to get away for a few days. An early morning coupled with no nap and a little boy who wouldn't poop made for a difficult day. But we did enjoy time with Ryan at lunch, a short visit to the waterpark, and eventually nap time. Thursday went much better when they slept in and we went to the waterpark first thing. I won't admit that my soon pooped (just a little) in his swim trunks at the waterpark some time before we got to the toilet. What fun to clean up! I will tell you that my son who is not adventurous (doesn't like the slide, doesn't ride a bike) loved the big waterslides where he had to ride a boat! What fun. Maybe more of those pictures in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

In hubby's defense. I had all the photos on my ipod, hers must not have had enough room.

The hubby

Michelle said...

How fun! It's amazing what sleep can do for kids, gotta have it! Enjoy!

Ashley said...

Sooooo much fun! Glad it was a good time!