27 May 2009

Home Again

After 5 wonderful days in Northern Minnesota, I have a few things to share:
  • Even if its flat, it doesn't seem flat because of the trees.
  • Black Bear? No, I'd rather not see where they hang out.
  • 5 wonderful days aren't really 5 days when you consider that its an 8 hour drive up there.
  • Holiday weekend traffic in the cities sucks.
  • I was thankful to be driving the hybrid and still getting good gas mileage.
  • I averaged 37.2 mpg thank you very much
  • Uncle Eric is getting more used to the kids (and kids in general) each time we see him.
  • Watching Eric and Ryan wrestle on the air mattress with the kids was adorable
  • My little rockstars were great on the drums. Scott didn't stop moving while Bethany would take occasional breaks to sit on her Uncle Eric's lap and drum.
  • Night at the Museum (2) was a much needed break.
  • A movie and Dairy Queen was a great way to celebrate our anniversary while in MN. Although I must say I missed our annual viewing of wedding photos, etc.
  • WallyWorld kept sucking us in - I think we went every day, sometimes twice a day. Good bye paycheck!
  • Eric's church had a really cool Memorial Day celebration during their church service. I cried. Thank you to those who served and continue to do so. I appreciate you.
  • Two full days of fast food plus way too much good food in between equals unhealthy!
  • I'm not sure if I like kamboocha (it's a drink). It's home brewed and some of it was good but I had one that tasted like a fizzy apple cider vinegar. They say its an appetite suppressant, I could understand why.
  • Organic foods are expensive! When we bought, it was NOT organic. Sorry Eric.
  • Scott decided he doesn't want to eat anymore because he doesn't want to go poop. Not sure what to do with that kid. But he's had more accidents in the last week than the whole time he was potty training.

I think that's enough. Being gone was great. Spending time with Ryan's family was great. Having no phone, no email, and almost no TV was awesome. Getting back to the crazy life, well it's been crazy!

We got home in time to do some grocery shopping, unload the vehicle and then I was off to my first spanish class for my Mexico trip. Elaine came home with me. She's staying with the kids today and hopefully tomorrow. I still need to find help for Friday. I hope she survives the kids and is willing to come back! This morning didn't start off well. Scott woke and had wet the bed. He doesn't do this usually. I got to work late and then left mid morning for a chiropractor appointment. May the rest of the day go well...


CORI said...

I LOVE kamboocha! I just wish it wasn't so expensive or else I would start out my day each day with it.

What a wonderful weekend. I can't believe it's your anniversary again! The year's just fly by. Is this number 5 or 6???

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have a fun trip & made lots of memories. Happy Anniversary! Good Luck with the Spanish!

Ashley said...

So are you saying you saw a black bear??