17 April 2011

What a weekend!

Last weekend was 45 degrees warmer than this one. We woke to a winter wonder-land on Saturday. Isn't it mid April??? My 2-hour drive to Iowa City wasn't ideal. Snow covered roads while driving through snow/sleet mixture the first hour was no fun. Got to hang out with cousin Tera for a bit before the eye doc appointment. It's always great to spend time with her family. We headed to the optometrist's office where Tera took charge of all 5 kids and I went into my appointment. Thank you to Dr. O'Neil for dealing with me and treating me like family. I got new contacts, the left one is not going to work, and ordered dailies for my trip to Ethiopia. After leaving Tera's, I made the major mistake of taking my kids shopping. Now, I knew that it wouldn't go over so great, but I had no idea how miserable it would be. Seriously, trying to keep track of 3 kids so no-one runs off with them while digging through the clearance rack drove me up the wall. It was the worst shopping trip ever. I knew it wouldn't be good and wanted to leave at least one kid with Ryan but then that meant one kid wouldn't be able to see cousins. Fortunately after that chaos, I did manage to make my way to Beth and Steve's driving on roads I've never been on before. That was fun. The kids and I got to watch the sun set over miles of amazing farm land while we drove. God created the world and everything in it and I was driving right through the middle of it all. Of course my time with Beth and Steve was fun. The kids did well considering the chaos of earlier. Home at midnight and thankful to be home safely. The best part was that I came home to some clean dishes and folded laundry. Yes, my hubby is amazing like that. Today, nap time came along and I was so ready for that. A couple hours on the couch did me good. I succeeded at resting today which meant that my house didn't get picked up. And then some of our friends stopped by. We never have friends who just stop by since we live 3 miles outside of town down a long driveway. So, it was extra special that they made a point to wander down our lane and stop by. The cute little girl is one of our little visitors tonight. What fun! And now Sunday is about over and I'm oh-so-ready to hit the hay!

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Beth said...

LOVED seeing you on Saturday! We do NOT get to see you often enough. We need to work on that. Missed Ryan but definitely had fun with the rest of you. Sorry it was so late for you. We'll definitely have to plan better next time. Thanks so much for squeezing us into your busy day!