19 April 2011

Real quick randomness:
1.  Bethany knows her verses.  Most days she won't even rattle off one of them to me if I ask.  She loves to memorize them with her Grammy.  Tonight, she rattled of 10-15 of them for me.  I even captured it on video but it takes a long time to upload so that aint happening right now.
2.  Bethany also "read" the bible story of Jonah to me tonight.  She, just like her brother used to do, tells the stories as she knows them while flipping through the pages.  Only she apparently doesn't know the Jonah and the well story that well.  As she was "reading", she read that Adam and Eve were good friends with Jonah.  Really?
3.  It snowed here on Saturday.  That was a little much.  It is mid-april after all.  So, this morning when I woke up to snow on the ground and then drove to work in a snow storm on slushy roads, I was less than pleased.  Stormed all day.  It did eventually turn to rain at my office.  But we have way too much snow on the ground.  Grr.
4.  I learned today that the local golf course for Friday night drinks is the new "coffee shop".  Word on the street, or at the golf course, was that I was out driving a combine last fall.  The story was slightly wrong.  I did drive a tractor last fall.  Maybe I'll get behind the wheel again this spring... or even a combine this coming fall.
5.  Ryan made super yummy potato soup.  No, it isn't the same as my Nanny's, but it was yummy!  I love my husband.   
6.  Tomorrow I get to meet Ingrid (too lazy to do linky love but Ingrid travelled with FOVC to Ethiopia earlier this year).  I'm super excited about that but really need to get my house picked up before she comes.  Guess that means no more blogging for me tonight :)


J.B.'s Blog said...

Awe...auntie JB misses her Bethany. I didn't know Adam and Eve were BFF with Jonah...who knew? :)

Beth said...

I'm thinking Steve misses Judah a wee bit. He's been telling our boys "Judah stories". Jonah may have been BFF's with Adam & Eve...LOL (love that Bethany!) but I'm thinking that Steve has some BFF love going on for Mr. Judah! Not that Scott and Bethany didn't star in some lil remembrances, too, but Judah was definitely his man! I LOVE it!