15 April 2011


Two nights in a row working till 6pm at night. I fell asleep at 730 last night and was awake at 1am but would have loved to sleep for 11 hours. Ryan is a wonderful husband and father. I pray for him often. Eating popcorn is a favorite meal of mine - either because I like it that much or because I'm lazy. Driving down the road, the strong winds almost blew me off the road. Scary. So, I'm trying to earn some extra time off by working extra hours. It's called credit leave. I can earn up to 24 hours to be used as vacation time. I'm finding it very difficult to earn extra hours right now. First off, I've been going to physical therapy 3 times a week for the problem in my back which means I'm late to work. Because of that same back problem, I have a standing work station so I'm standing most of my work day. My back gets really tight and my legs get really tired so I'm eager to go home at night. However, last night I was so busy that I worked till 6 without blinking. Today, I used a tens unit which helped relax my back and made my day more bearable. Again tonight I worked without 6 and could have stayed longer. The last two nights have helped me gain a few hours for sure! But, yesterday I was so tired that I came home, ate supper and headed to the couch. I really needed to do other things but I was apparently TIRED cause I was asleep before 8pm. Unfortunately after about 5 hours, I woke up thinking it was almost 5 and time to get up. Nope, it was 1am and my body was confused. I dozed off and on until my alarm went off!

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