10 April 2011

Life Happens

I don't know what it is about evening trips to Ryan's folks. For some reason we have a pretty high percentage of something going wrong with the kids. More than once we've had a child puking on the way home. More than once we've had a child pottying in their pants. Last night, we had both. We left the kids at their grandparents for 2 hours so we could go on a little date. When we went to pick them up, one had streaked their pants and one had pee'd their pants. I'll let them remain nameless. This time. One certain little girl said her tummy hurt on the way to Decorah. I thought she was just hungry since it was supper time. She didn't each much for supper. When we got back, she continued with the "hurting tummy" game sticking her belly out and grabbing at it. It was late, I was tired and I had very little pity on her. She sure showed me. About half way home, this brown haired, brown eyed beauty declared she had to throw up. I quickly awoke from my muscle-relaxed state of sleep and emptied a walmart bag and lifted it to her mouth. Walmart bags aren't exactly made for multiple use and often times have holes in the bottom. I quickly folded it up, only to need it again. I'll spare you the rest of the details. Instead, here's Ryan's facebook post from last night "Disassembling a Graco car seat at 11pm to clean the vomit out of it. Sometimes being a dad is not so glamorous:)" This morning after breakfast, she started in again with the aching belly. So, being the smart one this time, I decided to keep her home. And because I'm so smart like that, I decided to start on lunch preparations so we can eat at a decent time today. Five minutes into my microwaved rice cooking, the microwave stopped working. Seriously!?!?! I was at Wallyworld on Wednesday, and Saturday. I really don't want to go back today. (for those who don't know, Wallyworld is a 35 mile drive for us). Okay, if I can't finish the rice in the microwave, and I'm staying home from church, I guess I'll grab my camera and take some pics of this adorable little boy running around my house:

As I type this, Bethany is running around up stairs, playing like a wild child. I think she out-smarated me again. Dangit. That kid!


Kristine said...

haha sounds like fun times! hope nobody else gets sick. Love you!

deaston56 said...

Did you know Judge Allbee was a classmate and good friend of mine at North? He was a fullback and I was a center on the North 67 through 70 teams. He always got the A's and I struggled to make B's. Grades came really hard. You have a good advocate in Judge Allbee.