24 April 2011

Egg-citing stuff in our lives

It's been a long and busy weekend. I'm glad to be planted on the couch.

Back Update
While doing my back exercises this afternoon, Bethany did them right along side me and loved it. Good, maybe I'll have an exercise partner now. Have been feeling pretty good but today was a little much. Still have tailbone problems.

Last night the kids stayed the night at Ryan's folks. Well, sort of. We went up early and had lunch with them. Then left the kids for an overnight stay while we went to a wedding nearby. Before we left for the wedding, one of my kids had pooped/pee'd their pants and one had streaks in their undies. So, I wasn't sure how smoothly it would go. As we left the wedding, I called and checked up. It had been a rough night but they were now sleeping. We drove home. Twenty minutes after being home, Ryan's folks called. A certain child had been awake twice so far. Screaming. They didn't know what to do. We got back in the car, drove an hour back to their house, grabbed a very giddy and chatty child who's bottom no longer hurt and drove home. No fun. Kids, can we leave you for just one night where it goes smoothly for your grandparents? Is that too much to ask?

Wedding Fun
My friend Kelly (and Chris) got married last night. At a hunt club. She was beautiful. The wedding was cermony was great. And the creativity of Lori (aka sister, wedding coordinator extraordinaire, etc) was astonishing. It was great to celebrate with K&C and wonderful to hang out with friends. All too often life is too busy to just hang out. I wish we could do that more at a place where someone serves the meal, cleans it up and we just hang out :)

Easter Worship
Annually, our church has a cantata. Ryan is almost always the narrator. The message through music is powerful. This morning was no different. Prior to that, Jon prepared our hearts for worship with amazing music. It was precious to hear Bethany sing along and raise her hands. Loved it. After chruch I got to chat a little with new and old friends. Got a great comment from one of the guys who in a non-perveted way told me I was pretty. Thanks for the compliment friend.

Ryan, Mom and Eunice did a wonderful job of preparing lunch. When I should have been home last night getting ready for lunch, I was driving back and forth to Decorah. So, I was super greatful to our friends today who were our guests but had no problem helping me set the table, hide eggs for the added fun, and share their dessert with us. It's of course, always a joy to have our parents here to hang out with for a few hours!

Got me to Think
The last few years, I've been in a church that emphasizes Good Friday. It's certainly a huge part to ressurection and my salvation. But it's not something I remember celebrating. Maybe that's because I was always gone on a mission trip and not around my home church for Good Friday. Friday when I wanted to emphasize it, especially for my kids, we were on our way home from Des Moines and not at church. Today we were talking about the lack of people who showed up to those two services. There was 1 young family at the Good Friday Service. My mouth exploded and I said that it's hard when we're busy with family obligations and church twice in less than two full days takes a lot. I wasn't trying to belittle the meaning of it, just making excuses. In the past Ryan and I have gone to sunrise services but that's not even on my radar with 3 littles. Sorry that my mouth exploded. God is the focus. No excuses.

I'm still full from lunch. I have no desire to eat supper. I suppose I should at last feed my kids... oh wait Ryan is doing that. Reason #457 I love my hubby!

Oh and by the way, this morning two of my girlfriends surprised me with this really cute necklace that has Africa and a heart over Ethiopia on it. Thanks girls.

I love you and so appreciate you! And since I'm adding a pic, here's a pic of my cute babies being silly:

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