07 April 2011

Don't Feel Like It

No blogging thoughts from me lately.  I've posted a few things but not much.  I just don't feel like it. 
I'm alive.  I'm blessed.  I have plenty of thoughts to share.  Just overwhelmed with life. 
I haven't cleaned my house in two weeks.  I've been living on the couch each night after work.  I've been feeling a lot better.  Thank you Jesus for healing!  I've even been working outdoors for work lately.  Today I didn't take my pain reliever or muscle relaxer.  Walking through chiseled, clumpy fields wasn't friendly on my back.  I came home and took my meds cause it hurts tonight.
Speaking of work.  If I can communicate my perception of today, I'll share:
Started the day at Physical Therapy.  One exercise hurt.  I stopped. 
Got to the office 15 minutes after my first scheduled appointment.  They're ALWAYS late.  They were only 5 minutes late today.  I felt bad.  Worked with a farmer who I'm tired of working with.  Seriously, spent way too much time getting no where with them.  They want lots of corn silage and tillage.  They're soils are very limiting (read: don't allow much for tillage or silage).  They said they're hay has grass in it.  Running that option worked.  Funny, last time I asked them they said it was 100% alfalfa.  They lied.  I was annoyed.
Went to the field.  At lunch time.  Ate while we drove.  I'm okay with that since I usually eat at my desk anyway.  Farmer isn't doing good things.  But he tells us he's a good conservationist.  Walking and driving through chiseled fields is not good on my back.  Finished there and headed to another of farmer's farms.  He's tearing up old pasture and going to plant corn on it.  It's really, really steep.  Like, I wouldn't be comfortable driving farm equipment on it.  You likely wouldn't understand the details, so I'll just say that this is outrageous! 
Came back to the office.  Dealt with final appointment of the day.  Where do I even begin with this couple???  Let's start with the guy.  I think he was seriously ready to snap.  But I think he's like that ALL the time.   The wife was trying to understand.  The husband was rude, trying to be all "holier-than-thou" and was wrong.  That part was funny.  I had to have the son on speaker phone so he could hear the whole conversation.  I'd made some changes with the contract with the son a few months ago.  He told me not to send a copy to his parents or they'd flip and it wasn't necessary.  He was right.  I took the blame for the correction (aka change) so that the son wouldn't be miserable.  Guess, I'm nice like that. 
Was ready to leave on time tonight.  Some other drama unfolded.  I left 45 minutes later.  Lovely. 
Came home to a crying daughter.  Decided to stay home from bible study.  Snuggled with Bethany.  That was good.  Neighbor didn't get the message about not coming.  She came.  Oops.  Neighbor -boy stayed a while.  That was good.  Fed them mac-n-cheese.  I'm such a health-freak like that.  They played outside.  Screaming daughter quit her screaming.  All was going well.  Then certain boy had an issue with his bowel movement.  Seriously!?!?  Dealing with that.  Home all night.  Nothing cleaned, not a lot of fun either.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!

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Erin said...

This made me smile. Glad to know I'm not the only one... :)