22 April 2011

More Bullets

I think bullet points is all the energy/time I have to update right now. Honestly, I'd prefer to do a well thought out post but I have so much to do right now and so little desire to sit that long. So here's an update in bullet points:

  • I've tried to minimize the details of my kids' drama that gets shared on the net (aka with the world). So, I'll keep this general and you can email if you're interested in the details. We left town after work last night and drove to Des Moines for popcorn with Uncle Mike and Aunt Betty. This morning one of us had an appointment with the pediatric GI specialist. Years of stinkin' problems led us to this point. He basically said we were under-dosing said-child and gave us a specific and strict regimen to follow. If all goes as planned by the doc, we'll be on road to change shortly. If it doesn't go as planned, we'll be meeting up with the doc much earlier than anticipated. Wish us luck and since we don't believe in luck, pray for us. All of us.

  • Bethany loved the city again. I told her she could like the tall buildings but needed to love living near momma, in the country, except college. I wasn't 100% serious.

  • Like I said, we had a popcorn date last night. The kids know that when they get to M&B's, they have popcorn. It's tradition and very thoughtful to M&B to do this with the kids. Thank you Uncle Mike and Aunt Betty for again opening your home to us right before a very busy weekend for you. We so appreciate you! And thanks Uncle Mike for making the muffin mix into delicious muffins before we made it upstairs this morning. You rock!

  • Post-appointment, we ran over to Newton to visit Ryan's grandma. It was great to see her. Not so great that I about lost it when I walked into grandpa's room and saw a suitcase laying on the bed. Grandpa has been gone almost 3 months and that suitcase just hit my emotions. Not sure why. Had a good visit with Grandma. Took her to lunch, Bethany played cards with her and looked through grandpa's old jewelry-for-guys box.

  • Read an article about a guy from Ryan's home-town who's going to Ethiopia in July for two months to teach. That was cool to read.

  • Headed home but stopped in the city for shopping. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson from the chaos of last week. Did I blog about that? Shopping in city/mall with 3 kids as a solo adult = no fun! Anyway, at least Ryan was with me this time and he was amazing help. I realized that it wasn't just the kids that caused the stress. But that I want to move quickly and get a bazillion things done and I can't do that when I'm with my kids (and husband). Apparently they don't run in full speed all the time like me.

  • All 3 kids got new shoes. After seeing how trashed Scott's were, I did let the boys get name brand shoes. But didn't like the price. So thankful for a buy one, get one half off deal. Scott wanted the cheapest pair of shoes in the store (after I told him he couldn't have the only-kids-like kiddy shoes he wanted). Atta boy Scott. Judah got Kswiss. They're cute. Bethany wanted new ones. Umm she just got some in January. As much as I have a shoe fettish, I try not to buy. Thankfully she was okay with not buying expensive shoes... at that store.

  • Ryan may be Dutch but he loves to buy stuff for his kids. It's sweet. I don't appreciate it so much when I'm trying to live on beans and rice. He's an amazing dad. No wonder he's the kids' favorite!!!

  • Tried to buy Judah a tangle teazer at Sally's today. I've seen pics online and some adoptive parents swear by them. The one they had so wasn't what I've seen online. Great. Glad I stopped there. Tempted to run into a certain coffee shop next door but managed to stay away and move on... I was in a hurry.

  • While in tar-get, bought way too much stuff. Shoot. Enjoyed slowing down my pace but it was tough for me. Managed to not order a coffee at that certain coffee shop inside of tar-get again. I had talked myself into trying a mocha instead of my usual. But then talked myself out of it cause I'm trying to eat healthy and would really like to lose this extra stuffing that makes me look 4 months pregnant.

  • Should have ordered the coffee. Maybe it would have calmed my crazy/frustrated nerves.

  • Stopped at McD's for the 2nd time in 24 hours. I hate fast food. Couldn't force myself to order something for me... there's leftovers at home from when Ingrid stopped over.

  • Oh yeah, I met Ingrid (would so take the time to link but it's not in my favorites on this computer and I'm too lazy to get it). She was wonderful. And a blessing. And her son is adorable. Oh how kids can push our buttons when they're ours but not be bad in others' eyes.

  • Came home. Should have but the boys' hair. They need haircuts. Desperately. Not enough time. Ignore them for a quick check of email. Desalegn sent a proposal for the Crops for Widows Program (FOVC stuff). I'm shaking with excitement to read it. But my kids are loud. Oh B, just go to bed!!! Will read later. Tuck the kids in. Bethany loves snuggling. Her dad loves that she loves him. She has a new pink radio and LOVES it. she is the most dramatic (in a good way) when you buy her something.

  • It's late. I'm tired. Tested the back with trip to DM. It was a lot of driving/sitting. My back is doing okay. Thank you Anna for the advice of streching before and after. But my tail bone is killing me. It's been a problem for 5-6 years. So annoying. Can anyone fix that? The tailbone problem that is.

  • The phrase "thank You Jesus" takes on much more depth today, the day we remember Jesus' crucifixion. Sunday we celebrate the risen King! Hopefully I thank Jesus and remember to celebrate the risen King daily, even when shopping with kids, not just on Easter.

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