13 April 2011

hard momma moment

Tonight was a challenge.  I brought it on myself though cause I was in a constant state of rush as soon as AWANAs was over.  Then Bethany calls my mom who helps her with her AWANA verses to share her great news.  It was totally cute.  The phone gets passed to me and I hear how naughty my youngest has been the last two days.  As in was corrected for being naughty and climbed out of my mom's lap and when and did the very same thing.  When do they learn?  Kids are getting rowdy, which is no surprise, cause I'm chatting with my mom instead of putting them to bed.  End the phone call.  Talk to the kids about telling God what they're sorry for and what they're thankful for.  It's a nightly reminder.  They never listen.  That or they're never sorry or thankful.  Begin prayer time.  It's a work in progress for Judah.  I was annoyed.  Onto Bethany.  She says she doesn't want to pray.  Not gonna fight that battle tonight.  Onto Scott.  He prays.  Then mommy prays.  Tell God I'm sorry, ask Him to make me a better mommy, tell Him what I'm thankful about for each of my kids.  All is good.
Go to leave the room and Scott tells me that he can't go to so-and-so's birthday party.  That her mom said she could just invite one boy.  She chose so-and-so.  My heart breaks in that moment.  I remember feeling left out by friends.  There have been lots of times Scott thought he was going to a birthday party and then didn't get invited.  We talked.  He cried.  How do you comfort a child in that moment?  I try to tell him that God loves him, Daddy loves him and Mommy loves him.  That he's warm and well fed.  That those are the important things.  But he's 5.  To him, being invited to the birthday party is important.  No fun.  No fun.  No fun for this momma.  I wanted to scoop him up in my arms and make it all better.  But I couldn't.  We've talked to him about dissapointment.  It's something he has to learn.  Do you think he can get that idea figured out in the next month or so?  I'm kidding.  But I wish it were true so that he wouldn't have to suffer the hurt.
On a side note, I think the kids all talk about inviting each other to their birthdays months in advance.  Then when it comes time for their actual birthday, they aren't able to invite everyone like they'd talked about.  Unfortunately my son remembers that 2 weeks or 6 months ago they said they would invite him.  I wish they wouldn't talk about inviting.  Grr.  No fun.


Sincerely, Jenni said...

Been there, done that... and let me tell you, it doesn't stop as they get older. Courtney still goes through this!

On a side note, LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog layout, and the picture on your header is awesome! Hope you can stop by my site soon and see what we're doing... we're back in the adoption race again!

Ingrid said...

Sounds SO familiar. I hope that comforts you. I often feel isolated in my parenting struggles. Thanks for your honesty. By the way, they DO listen. Keep talking and modeling prayer, forgiveness and all the right things that they need to learn. They are learning!