28 February 2011

Kitchen Drama

I was home today with a sick kid. Good day to get my house back in order, do some reading and prepare a few meals. All was going well until the meal prep time. When Ryan wasn't able to come home for lunch, Scott and I decided to have fruit and popcorn for a meal so there was no cooking involved. When mid-afternoon came and I had two nights worth of supper for us and a meal for a friend to prepare, it was time to start in the kitchen.

All of our pots and pans are stored on the lazy-susan part of the cabinets. Well, guess what happened when I tried to push it open. The lazy-susan (why is it called that anyway?) broke. And I couldn't get it to move. It had fallen off the rotation or something and was at a funny angle so it wouldn't turn past the flush wood front. Great!!! The one day I'm home and had something planned to have on the table when Ryan got home.

At 530 when my hero husband came home, he jokingly asked where supper was. Well, it was 530 and supper hadn't even been started yet. Ryan had a few little things he had to do before he could attend to that lazy thing in the corner. Ryan began working on it and had to break a piece of the oak cupboard to get it free. Then he emptied the LS onto the kitchen floor.

So at 10 minutes before 7 when I got off the phone with Nicole and Ryan was still taking over the kitchen floor, I had to think of something fast. I pulled out my Tupperware Rice Cooker (love that thing), tossed in the ingredients for Spanish rice and got it cooking in the microwave. When that was done I combined it with a can of black beans and served it to my kids. They thought it was great. Well Scott started to pick the beans out but I stopped that real quick and explained that my sick little boy needed the energy those beans would give. They ate like champs. I rewarded them with lime flavored tortilla chips and oranges and we were all happy. And to be honest, it was a half way healthy meal too. Beans and rice made with home-made/canned salsa... good stuff.

Shortly after we were done eating, Ryan was done in the kitchen. So I quickly cleaned out the beastly LS, put the pots/pans back while Ryan made himself a sandwich (the man has to have meat in every meal) and then began my 3 meals to cook. It was 8pm. I managed to complete two of them and part of third. Guess I better go put that meat away, finish washing my dishes and head to bed.

I'm sure glad I have my handsome husband. He not only takes care of animals and his family, but he fixes random broken things in our house too. He's awesome like that. I like him.

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