27 February 2011

B's went Bowling

Some dear friends today allowed us to join in on their family fun at the bowling alley. With 6 kids under 13, you can imagine the fun... and noise. You know you're in a small town when I showed up at the bowling alley and realized that I left my purse at home - 25 minutes away. Great. It was 2pm, my kids hadn't eaten yet and I didn't have money to buy their lunch or pay for bowling. I, with embarrassment, explained to the owner I've never met before that I left my purse at home and asked if I could bring a check in tomorrow since my office is practically next door. You know you live in a small town when he didn't blink an eye and said yes. That's what I love about living in a small town! Okay, on to bowling pictures...

Here's A helping my girl B. He was a great help the whole time, especially with my three.Bethany roll doesn't have a lot of force and it takes a L O N G time to get down the alley so she regularly laid down on the ground and waited for her ball to get near the pins.
Here's some of those we got to chat with while bowling. I was super glad to spend some time with my pal, V.

She really didn't have this great of form everytime... she's into dancing so she's got some moves you can see here:

I like this guy:

Thankfully Scott knew to put the ball on the ground and push it, unlike his sister who thought she could throw it literally. Each time I wondered if she was going to break the wood floor or her toes. Scott wasn't interested in holding it right but at least I didn't fear for his safety.

Imagine our surprise when one of Scott's buddies also showed up at the alley for some bowling. My younger two were just as excited about him as Scott.
Thanks for letting us hang out with you today... even if kids didn't get naps :)

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